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    Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
    Cookie days 30 day(s)
    Commission type Percent of Sale
    Base commission 30.00%
    Additional terms 30% commission on the first order 15% commission on repeat orders
    Want to earn bomb commissions while helping the planet? Yah me too! We are offering awesome commissions so you can get paid well for sharing our amazing products with your following of amazing humans.  

    Its super easy:
    Step 1: Fill out this form
    Step 2: We review your application and you get a custom referral link and coupon code
    Step 3: You promote our brand to your people and they order Bottle None
    Step 4: You get PAID!

    But Jaye, why should we partner together? 
    Babe, let me tell you how we are going to make $$ together, and how easy it will be:

    ~BOMB COMMISSIONS - Most affiliates programs are 5-15% - ours are as much as 30%!

    - Once the person clicks your link, they are tracked as "your customer" for the next 30 days. So even if they don't buy right now, but they buy later, you still get paid! 

    ~NO CARRYING INVENTORY - This also means no dropping off orders, dealing with returns, complaints etc. You just send them our way and we do the rest!

    ~NO SIGNING UP YOUR FRIENDS TO SELL THE PRODUCT - Anyone else tired of asking their friends to sign up to sell the product? SAME! Again, just promote the brand in your unique and fun way. The more you promote, the more you make!

    ~NO COSTLY WEBSITES - You don't have to have the big website fees, email marketing campaign fees, credit card processing fees, shipping fess, pick your nose can run this as a business and don't have to pay anything! You just make $$ - is this too good to be true? 

    So now a bit about us.  After you are signed up you will get a thread of content that you can use.  Please tag us in any posts so we can share back and also repost to promote your brand/following as well.  We are all about supporting eachother!

    Did you know aver 3billion hair care bottles hit the land fill every year in North America? 
    Our products are hand made in compostable packaging.  Each bar replaces 2-3 plastic bottles! 
    But we wanted to do even better. We have way to much plastic in our system that doesn't get recycled, so we wanted to find a solution to help more plastic from hitting the landfill.  Our travel case and soap dish is made from North American recycled plastic.  

    and have you seen the deodorant? Its in compostable packaging...and guess what? it ACTUALLY WORKS! It goes on a little white so you have to rub it in by swooshing your arms, but I wear it with a little black dress all the time and its the BEST natural deodorant I've ever tried. 

    The company is owned by Jaye(me) and Ali (my sister).  We have been formulating, making and selling natural products for the past 10 years and love this new way of low waste living. 

    Join us in helping people connect with ways that can help reduce waste and keep our oceans clean. 

    We are so excited to work with you to help share the plastic free love.

    Jaye and Ali
    We've got you!

    For every order you send through your affiliate link you will be paid via paypal after the 30 days refund policy has lapsed. 

    Check out our influencer box here: 

    You will get bars and seasonal favorites sent to you at 25-50% off and free shipping! So you never run out of bars, and have fun new products to try to keep content fresh and sales flowing.

    Your first box:
    Includes a travel set with bars that match your hair types plus a deodorant.  Let us know if you want us to sub in the beach line at no additional charge
    we won't share your information with anyone....period.